Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 5
Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 5

Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 5 found The Game preparing to head-out for a European tour.

He’s torn about being away from the kids and decides to share the news over pizza the night before.

While Jayceon has the kids, Tiffany meets with her book editor and illustrator for finishing touches.

After The Game returns home, he finds his assistant Lola packing his luggage for tour.  As he gives instruction on which pieces of jewelry he’d like to take she runs across Tiffany’s engagement ring.

He ponders over it a bit before telling Lola to get rid of it jokingly saying, “My kids need a pool.”  This after he met with a contractor to build an outdoor amusement park of sorts at his new home.  The estimate was in the million dollar range.

Tiffany’s book, “The Girl Who Lost Her Smile” is complete so she surprised the kids with a bedtime story.

Little Justice understood the concept perfectly but seemed a little befuddled as the book only focused on the little girl who lost her smile after her parents separated.

So cute!

The book seemed to help Tiffany as much as the kids as next week we will see her gearing-up to move on with life then Jayceon calls.

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