Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 8
Marrying The Game Season 3, Episode 8

The season finale of Marrying The Game, Season 3, Episode 8 found Jayceon and Tiffney looking forward to the future.

Jayceon had his good friend Lisa Ray McCoy stop by for a little catch-up.  They both admitted to being lonely and not wanting to stay single forever.

Tiffney took the kids out for cake decorating in preparation for Justice’s 7th birthday.

Tiffney met with life coach Tony Gaskin who imparted some sound advice on life and love.  He asked about the ring she wore on her ring finger.  She explained it was her late mothers and said she hadn’t taken it off since she passed.  He explained a man would see that and assume she is taken and that she needed to wear it on a different finger.  He then asked if she was really ready to move forward and offered to set her up on a date.  She said she was ready and accepted his offer.  He told her she needed a man that was looking for a wife.

The Game was all set for his first date in nine-years as well. After getting a fresh-cut and grooming he met his date at the restaurant as did Tiffney.

The identity of both dates was concealed and the episode ended with Tiffney saying it wasn’t meant for me to marry The Game.


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