The level of ignorance this man displays is just incredible!  Master P once again allows common sense to yield to ego.

Why doesn’t he get it?  Speaking out publically about the mother of your children is emotionally harmful.  If what he’s saying is true-Sonya needs help, at this point, he needs to forget about his reputation and focus on the needs of the kids.

At the end of the video, he without hesitation confirmed what I’m sure the mother has felt for years, “I just want her to take care of my kids, I got a million things to do right now and I gotta play daddy and mommy.”

Spoken like a really good parent!

So many mothers have to play both roles and do it without complaining.  Your kids need at least one stable parent now more than ever.  No one should have to tell you, two wrongs won’t make things right for your kids.  You’re now exposing her dirty laundry which is the same thing you’ve accused her of doing.

Seems like you both “need to get it together” to me.

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