Mel BThis surprise announcement was not so much of a surprise though I hate to hear Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B has filed paperwork to divorce her husband Stephen Belafonte after 10-years of marriage. 

Just six-weeks ago, Melanie posted the following to her IG:

My baby boo @stephenthinks11 we have been through everything that would normally tear couples apart and we have come out on the other side stronger,you loved me before I even new how to really love myself,you are my world honey and let’s not forget you are abit of a dickhead too xxxx #tenyearsmarried #fightfortheineyoulove #theysaiditwouldntlast #bitcheswishtheyhadthis #nowtalkaboutme

“Their personalities were like fire and ice, one minute it was pure adoration and the next it was all-out war.

“It led to them having blow-out arguments non-stop. However, as they got further down the line, the stress of keeping things together proved too much.

“The therapy prompted more fights and bitterness. Their connection by the end was all but burned out.”

Mel, 41, fell out with her family when they told her of their concerns over ­ Belafonte ahead of their 2007 wedding.

Sources said Mel’s loss was compounded by a series of rows with her film producer hubby over cash. Source

All the best to both Melanie and Stephen.

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