MH 370 Co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid
MH370 Co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid

The Daily Mail is reporting MH370 Co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid made a call from his cell phone just after plane vanished.

Investigators are saying, as the Boeing 777 flew low near the island of Penang, on the north of Malaysia’s west coast, it was flying low-enough to pick up a signal from the nearest telecommunications tower.

They are certain contact was established with a telecommunications sub-station in Penang state, but remain uncertain as to why the call ended abruptly.

A cousin of Fariq’s said the co-pilot was extremely close to his mother and said if he indeed new he was going to die-a last call attempt would have been made to her.

Sources close to the investigation are careful not to divulge details, but word comes they are still trying to ascertain just who Fariq was trying to call.

Separate sources told the New Straits Times paper that checks on Fariq’s phone showed that connection to the phone when he made that last call before he boarded the plane had been ‘detached’.

‘This is usually the result of the phone being switched off.

‘At one point, however, when the airplane was airborne, between waypoint Igari and the spot near Penang (just before the aircraft went missing from radar), the line was “reattached”.

One of the reasons the call may have cut-off abruptly is the speed of the aircraft.  It was likely because the aircraft was fast-moving it had not come into contact with another tower before losing coverage.

Another question is, If Fariq was able to make a call, why was there no attempt by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 to make a call?


  • March 8: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 loses contact with air traffic controllers between ne and two hours after takeoff
  • March 9:  Radar indicates flight may have turned back from its scheduled route to Beijing
  • March 11: Interpol names two Iranian men who got on jet with stolen passports
  • March 12: Search expands to area from China to India
  • March 15: Malaysian authorities say they believe ‘deliberate action’ caused the plane to veer off course and someone shut down its tracking systems.
  • March 20: Search teams spot possible wreckage in Southern Indian Ocean, 1,500 miles off western coast of Australia
  • March 24: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says it is ‘beyond any doubt’ that the 239 passengers and crew perished in the Indian Ocean.
  • March 30: Daughter of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah says her father recently acted strangely
  • April 7: Australian ship Ocean Shielf detects underwater signals consistent with black boxes
  • April 9: Ocean Shield detects two more signals
  • April 11: Australian authorities pinpoint location

Still so many unanswered questions.  I realize the demand is great, but it benefits no one to release bits and pieces of inaccurate information…makes one think there’s a massive cover-up going-on.

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