Shanesha Taylor
Shanesha Taylor

A Phoenix mom, Shanesha Taylor  was arrested for leaving her two kids in the car while she interviewed at a Phoenix insurance company.

The kids ages, two and six-months were left unattended in Taylor’s Dodge Durango-with the windows cracked and keys in the ignition.

A passerby heard crying and found the infant sweating in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.

The case has garnered an enormous amount of compassion as over $99,000 has been donated with the assistance of a New Jersey woman, Amanda Bishop.

Bishop could identify with the story because it reminded her of the sacrifices her mom made growing-up.  They didn’t have much money, and at times her mom had to make “not the greatest choices” in order to provide for her and her siblings.

She requested donations through the website, with a goal to raise $9,000 for Taylor’s legal fees.  Within four days she was astounded by the out-pouring of support as her goal was exceeded ten-times over.

“She could have been at a bar or at a club and leaving her children in the car,” said Bishop. “Here’s a woman who is an example of someone who is trying – who is trying to better her situation and doing what she can to provide for her children.”

Prosecutors believe her judgement put the children at risk.  No word on whether she faces jail time or will lose custody of her kids.

This case speaks to the desperation many single parents are facing today.  On one hand, Ms. Taylor should be commended for seeking employment by any means necessary, but on the other hand you must ask, what was she thinking?

How could she interview-well under those circumstances?

Hopefully, she landed the job and the tremendous out-pour will be enough to get this family on the right track.

If her records show no prior history of child endangerment; I’m hoping she gets-off on probation and reunites with her kids.

A mother’s love runs deep!

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