Let me start by saying, I love Monique and her outspokenness; however, some of what her and husband Sidney Hicks have said is unfair, shortsighted and hypocritical to say the least.  


Much of what she said is true but as it pertains to Oprah and a few others she called-out, not so much.

We all have unique walks in life, everyone isn’t meant to sound the alarm. As they say, real gangstas move in silence and so, sometimes we get more accomplished indirectly…by example than by mouth.

Oprah, Tyler Perry and even Monique are all self-made. If my memory serves me, Tyler was homeless and wrote a stage play which changed his fate. I referenced that to say, Hollywood like any other business is about relationship building.

Monique previously stated she was asked to promote the film ‘Precious’ abroad after she had exhaustively met her contractual obligations at home. Most  actors nominated for an Academy Award are expected to do such. Her husband attempted to negotiate more compensation for the expenses they would incur and was denied so they declined, opting to spend more time at home with their children instead.

Since then, she’s made claims of being labeled difficult and all that comes along with that which may be unfair but Monique knows, there’s not a decision made without consequence.

She made a choice that she’s now living with and to ask or expect Tyler Perry to jeopardize his relationships over a choice she made is unfair; especially, now knowing you’ve put a private conversation with him on blast.

As for Will Packer productions, Monique claims he’s known for producing low-budget films that return a high profit. And?! That’s business. Most businessmen try to keep costs down wherever possible so if Packer and Perry know black actors are willing to work for white producers at x-dollars, of course their offer will be in the same ballpark.

Producers are assuming risks that actors for hire are not. If the movie flops, can they go back to the actors and say we need you to return some of your salary? Not going to happen so the best remedy for Monique’s complaints is to do more behind the camera. Create your own projects and set your own margins for profit.

It’s easy to criticize from the outside. We see blacks in positions of authority or with a certain amount of success and expectations begin to set not realizing those people may not feel or be secure in their own positions.

Oprah for instance, is a trailblazer! Were it not for her success in TV, the likes of: Wendy Williams, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, and a host of others may not have had an opportunity in front of the camera so, yes, she paved the way.

As a black woman entertainer, Monique must know it wasn’t easy for her. Oprah had to position herself to provide opportunities and yet, she seems to criticize her for doing so. What’s wrong with her as she said, limiting her affiliation to other great people of color? She does have a brand to protect. To me, the power play is to move graciously without confrontation with full intent in mind. Again, Hollywood is very-much about relationship building.  

Folks need to stop all this, she didn’t speak-up nonsense. Oprah opened her mouth to Iyanla and warned her about stepping into the lions-den before she accepted her first talk show.

Seems like what Monique is saying, Oprah should have fallen on the sword and spoken out about the injustices in Hollywood long before she purchased the OWN network.

Sometimes we have to move indirectly to be effective. Had Oprah put’em on blast like Monique, chances are she wouldn’t have a network and billions of resources in the bank. Why not set your standards high, position yourself to become a shot caller and then make blatant moves?

After all, Monique has been speaking out quite a bit; what good has it done her and anyone else?

She’s now publicly criticizing Oprah along with four other blacks currently working, about how her career was derailed and that’s precisely what her speaking out could possibly do to them in regards to their relationship with the black community or better yet, box office.

Speaking-out isn’t always effective or the only effective means. Leading by example may actually create more opportunity simply because of the measurable success.

Sorry Monique, can’t dig a hole for someone else without falling in yourself!

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