Mo’Nique got candid with CNN’s Don Lemon about claims “she made unreasonable demands” during the ‘Precious’ campaign by director, Lee Daniels.   

Admitting, she was only compensated $50K for her Academy Award winning role in ‘Precious’, Mo’Nique took issue when asked by the studio to cover her expenses on a promo tour to Cannes, France.  Her husband/manager Stanley tried negotiating, but after three failed attempts they decided her two days off were better spent at home with her children and no further demands were made.

I can respect Mo’Nique’s position in establishing her own standards.  People are faced with difficult decisions all the time.  She at some point felt had given enough and just wanted to be compensated for her efforts and sacrifice.  Prioritizing family over business shouldn’t come at a price but it does for women especially, not just in Hollywood.

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