Morgan Freeman & Don Lemon
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Morgan Freeman sat with CNN’s Don Lemon and when asked if race plays a part in wealth distribution his answer, “No.”

He used himself and Don as examples of why that myth should be dispelled saying,

“You and I, we’re proof.  Why would race have anything to do with it?  Put your mind to what you want to do and go for that.  It’s kind of like religion to me; it’s a good excuse for not getting there.

So we gotta ask, is Freeman’s assessment right?

Some might argue, easy for him to say sitting in his position while so many African-American actors have tried for years, honing their crafts and not been able to scratch the surface of Hollywood.

I’m sure there are many talented actors of any given race feeling disenfranchised given that’s a profession only a lucky few get to enjoy.

I agree with his position to a point in that too often race is used as an excuse for poor work ethic or failure.

However, I also believe that you get out of life what you put into it for the most part but that doesn’t discount the notion of inequality.

You’d be very naive to think there aren’t people in positions of authority that make decisions to hire or not hire on the basis of race today.

But that reality does not have to impede ones success.  For some the road to success requires more than others but that should make the victory that much sweeter.

Hard work pays off!

The problem today is we are exposed to the aftermath of hard work n a way that’s very misleading.

Only half the story is being told which makes the young and gullible believe they too should have it now without taking the steps necessary for a desired outcome.

One thing’s for certain, if you raise your child to think because I’m this or that therefore I can’t, they won’t.