Time is Ilmatic-watch
“Time is Ilmatic” (watch)

Rapper Nas says when he made Ilmatic he was trying to make a perfect album! In his 1994 debut, he wanted people to feel and see what the streets were like.  Adding, “It comes from the days of Wild Style, I was trying to make you experience my life.

The Queensbridge rapper wanted us to look at hip hop differently and now, twenty-years later, I’d say, that was accomplished!

The documentary is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival opening night, April 16th.  In it, Nas says, “I gave you what the streets felt like, what it tasted like, sounded like, smelled like, all on that album, and I tried to capture it like no one else could,” the rapper says in the trailer which offers a dramatic look into the childhood of the lyrical genius.

This marks the 20th anniversary of Illmatic which Nas will be reissuing with bonus material under the title Illmatic XX todayApril 15th.