Kenya is fake!

One thing’s for sure, RHOA star, Nene Leakes definitely knows how to keep the pot of duplicity stirring.

When she speak-for some odd reason people listen even though most of what she has to say is unintelligible, hypocrisy.

Take a look at the video and Nene’s Twitter response to Star Magazine’s exposé on her criminal past.

Twitter Post

This almost implies only she can love herself enough to change her life.

Didn’t she recently put Marlo on blast for her criminal past?

If fake is fake, what’s the difference between Nene’s criminal past and Marlo’s?

If fake is fake, what’s the difference between Kenya’s fake butt and Nene’s new nose?

In Gods eyes, a sin is a sin, and Nene calling Kenya fake leads any intelligent person to see-she is simply a leopardess who hasn’t changed her spots.

Video repost from TMZ.