Former RHOA star, Nene Leakes must be shaking in her boots as her lukewarm welcome on yesterday’s episode of The View made it quite clear-her 15 minutes is waning fast.  

The View
The View

Co-host Joy Behar (not pictured) couldn’t hide her disdain for the oh-so-fake-housewife calling-her-out on nearly every utterance.

When Nene said she felt really ganged-up on in season 7, Joy couldn’t resist interrupting with, “You?” followed by laughter.

Yes, Joy clearly sees through the b/s.

Nene was later asked about her new home in Georgia.  After a few pics appeared on the monitor, Whoopi asked, “Where’s the furniture?”


She responded with, “I don’t show my furniture because I’m afraid someone may try to steal it.”

Stoopid, right???

The panel later enticed her to sing a line from her upcoming stint in the Broadway production of “Chicago” which was another mistake.

She doesn’t have the chops for impromptu singing and should have declined.

She later tweeted and deleted, “Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong.”

Oh, Nene!

She’s clearly working hard to get back or remain in good graces with BRAVO…sure to show gratitude by acknowledging, “Housewives have been very good to me.”

Indeed it has!  And just like sincerity takes us far in life, insincerity eventually catches up with us.

On a positive note, loved her outfit though this pic doesn’t do it justice.

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