Nene Leakes heads out to NBC Universal Upfront.
Nene Leakes heads out to NBC Universal Upfront.

Nene Leakes was all smiles as she stepped in front of cameras with a trepadacious Greg Leakes lingering in her background.  Greg, Nene’s husband seems anxious and hopeful she can convince the public everything is a-okay.

You see, Nene has some rumors to dispel so what better way than to throw on some designer duds complimented with a big, bright smile and off-she-went.

She mingled with other housewives (none of which seemed enthused about a Nene photo-op) and made sure to snap a pic with Bravo head-honcho, Andy Cohen.  Did he even realize she was making silly faces in the background?   Just saying.

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I’m not sure her appearance at ‘NBC Universal Cable Upfront‘ confirms her spot in Season 7 of the RHOA and if so in what capacity, but I’m certainly not buying all-is-well in Nene’s land.

For one, Nene made a point to post a ‘damage control’ statement to her blog, ( once again insulting the public’s intelligence.  The overuse of the word ‘queen’ was a dead-give-away.

So your girl put on her Tom Ford dress, Christian Louboutin heels, best smiles and went to the NBC Universal Cable Upfronts! Only a smart lady would do such a thing and I’m glad I did!

I bumped right into Michelle Williams, The Fashion Queens, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Joan Rivers, tons of fabulous housewives (but I’ll have you know only the boss ones LOL #shadehunni), Kelly Osbourne, my girl Giuliana Rancic and Andy Cohen, who I am having a beef with and clearly didn’t know it! We laughed and had a few cocktails like only a Queen would do! How dare me use the word Queen! Queen B that is, LOL! And so many more celebs.

It was a great time to rub elbows, connect and just catch up! I enjoyed every minute!

~ NeNe Leakes

She also posted another love proclamation on Instagram to Greg who seems very comfortable in his emasculated-state, firmly planted in her background.

Nene Leakes

I suspect when the gravy train ends so will this marriage.

For Greg, it’s about the money!  He knows they have zero-chance of making the kind of money Nene’s been pulling in elsewhere so he’s down for whatever to make sure the checks continue rolling.

In the coming weeks, we will see who caves Bravo or Nene.  With an exaggerated sense of importance, she’s on thin ice having insulted Andy and the entire Gay Community.

But to her credit, she has displayed tremendous strength and resolve being that she’s under heavy scrutiny and still capable of giving good–face.

Photos courtesy of Nene Leakes Instagram: neneleakes