Well, gratitude is not long-lasting in the case of Nick Gordon and Whitney Houston.  Not only has Gordon married Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina; he’s now resorted to airing the late singers dirty-laundry.

Whitney took Gordon in as a troubled-teen and raised him as her son.  Shortly after her death, he and Bobbi Kris let the world know they were romantically involved.  The family was against their relationship, but since they were adults-there was not much they could do.

Fast forward to today, in a disturbing set of tweets, Gordon let the world know he and Whitney smoked weed everyday all day tweeting, “We smoked with mom on the daily.” This after posting a pic of a bong.

The unemployed, misguided young man proceeded to lash out at some of Whitney’s outspoken supporters in a very entitled kind of way, tweeting, “I will be back on this sh-it causing more mayhem tomorrow.  Smoke your weed and be happy.”

Maybe it’s the drugs or maybe he just doesn’t know better, but how can his wife, Whitney’s daughter think this is okay?

Update: 2/5/2015

Turns out the marriage between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon was just a hoax.  The two were never legally married.


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