Karrueche Tran gleefully receives call from jailed Chris Brown.
Karrueche Tran gleefully receives call from jailed Chris Brown.(click)

Niki Minaj sat with BET for a one-on-one.  When asked her thoughts on cheating-men, she replied, “Men can only do what you allow them to.”

This brought to mind recent discussion surrounding Karrueche Tran, the on and off again girlfriend of jailed R&B singer, Chris Brown. (watch video)

Niki’s comment almost implies a woman has the ability to avert a mans-choice.  I use to share her sentiment, but now question whether it’s entirely true.

Sure, I get the context in which her remarks were made, but It’s just not that cut-and-dried.  To say women allow certain things, is true in that the choice to leave is hers, but in today’s times many, women and men find themselves in a “make the best of a bad situation circumstance.”

So my question surrounds permissiveness.  Are you allowing a man to treat you a certain way by staying after he strays, or is it more accurate to say she’s staying true to her objective, and therefore, not allowing him to do anything?

Just remember, everyone has a price and nobody does anything without reason.

 Karrueche is no different from most women involved in relationships with high-profiled men.  But one things for sure, they all have their own reasons, independent of the mans-choice for staying.


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