Omarosa Things got heated between White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Ed Gordon at the 2017 National Association of Black Journalists conference where Omarosa pretended to act surprised by the audience, as she said, desire to grill her. 

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Mind you, Omarosa went on a media tour professing her devotion and loyalty to a psychopath and 6-7 months later have the audacity to act indignant and annoyed by questions and the simply fact that people want a follow-up!

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She’s indeed a master deflector but must know, we will never forget her unbridled devotion to a man who has spoken words and pushed policies which wreak havoc on the one great equalizer; education, for some of the country’s most vulnerable and yet she continues to sit proudly at a table with Trump who has made a mockery of what’s most positive in our community, proposing cuts to federal funding for HBCUs and looking to end affirmative action. Not to mention the blatant prey on young, Black males imposing inhumane sentencing guidelines for drug offenses which disproportionately affect minorities.

So, exactly what Good has your seat at the table done Omarosa?  You seem to have a title and no influence.

Civil Rights activists saw how Trump paraded HBCU presidents around the White House for a photo-op only to move a month later to hurt rather than help.

You are clearly on the wrong team, we know and you know so stop acting like a child only your mother could love.  Time for saving face is done, admit you made a mistake and move on.

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