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What could this be about?

I wonder what this is about?  TMZ captured video of an angry Solange Knowles screaming and kicking at Jay Z while Beyoncé does little to intervene.

Solange is clearly enraged!  Almost as though she is protecting her sister, Beyonce’s honor.

Happy to see Jay practice restraint as clearly some of her blows connected.

It’s awful seeing this play-out so publicly.  Unless Solange is deranged, this type of attack stems from an emotional build-up.  Like, this man been disrespecting my sister and I’m tired of it, kinda thing.

The sisters departed the event together while Jay Z left in a separate SUV.  The footage was captured in an elevator after the Met Gala last Monday, May 5th.

One thing’s for sure, Solange and Jay’s relationship will never be the same after this.

How embarrassing?!?

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