A hearing is set for Monday, March 31st to determine if Oprah’s former stepmother, Barbara Winfrey should be evicted from her home of 13 years.

RadarOnline is reporting, Oprah purchased the Laurelbrooke, TN mansion in 2001 for her father, Vernon Winfrey and stepmom after they wed.  The property was kept in the name, Overground Railroad, LLC a company started by Oprah.

The couple fell on hard times financially and the relationship ended two years ago.  They lost a building which housed Vernon’s Barbershop, and each of their homes prior to marriage to foreclosure.

Oprah came to the rescue purchasing all three properties out of foreclosure.  She then offered her former stepmom her previous home (the one she lived in before marriage), “free and clear.”  Barbara refused the offer because she would be obligated to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Oprah.

The next offer was to sell the home and split the proceeds equally, which Barbara also turned down.”

Although several attempts were made to resolve things amicably, none were to Barbara’s satisfaction which left Oprah no choice but to file the necessary paperwork to have her evicted from the property.

Barbara who insists she’s never been after Oprah’s money, will try arguing her case before Judge Ernie Williams on 9 a.m. Monday.

She may not be after Oprah’s money, but has clearly been enticed by the lifestyle Oprah’s money can afford.  The ride is over, and Barbara needs to get-going!