Barbara Winfrey
Barbara Winfrey

Barbara Winfrey, ex-wife of Oprah’s dad, Vernon Winfrey has given an exclusive interview to Daily Mail in which she describes Oprah’s relationship with Stedman Graham, bizarre and friendship with Gayle King, unhealthy.

Most of what she said was full of inuendo or either something Oprah has shared herself.

One, Oprah has said on numerous occasions she is an emotional eater so we didn’t need Barbara to tell us that.

Two, of course Oprah is more dependent on Gayle than she on her emotionally.  Oprah is a media-giant who has tremendous pressures to deal with along with all the scrutiny of being in the spotlight.

As I’ve said many times, it’s not easy being number-one!

Thirdly, women are better communicators than most men so I’m sure she feels better talking to Gayle about certain things than Stedman.  Hell, Stedman probably doesn’t care to hear about 90% of her issues and most men wouldn’t.

He serves a purpose in her life that’s very different from Gayle’s.  What’s unhealthy about that?  Barbara must not know friendship and loyalty on this level.

After reading this interview, it’s obvious why Oprah chose to keep this woman at a distance….instinct told her she’s not to be trusted.

Barbara Winfrey is just a bitter-old-lady that’s now throwing a tantrum because her Oprah-sponsored-lifestyle has ended.

Hey Barbara, if you want to live in a mansion-buy one!

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