Has RHOA Star Kenya Moore’s Mystery Prince Been Revealed?

Has RHOA star Kenya Moore’s, mystery prince finally been revealed?  Kenya has hinted all season that she’s currently dating an African Prince, even suggesting the Bentley parked in her driveway was gifted from him.


Black History Month-“James Edward West”-Inventor Microphone

James Edward WestJames Edward West was born on February 10, 1931 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. He was an inquisitive young boy, fascinated with electronics and always ready to take things apart to discover how they worked. His curiosity almost got the better of him when he was eight years old and decided repair a broken radio. Confident that he had fixed the radio, he plugged it into a ceiling outlet, standing on the brass footboard of his bed. Unfortunately, a bolt of 120 volts of electricity shot through his body, temporarily paralyzing him where he stood. Fortunately his brother was standing nearby and knocked him onto the floor, terminating the shock he was receiving. Undeterred, rather than being afraid he became even further intrigued by electronics and electricity.     (more…)