How to eat fruit

FruitThe best time to consume fruit is first-thing in the morning on an empty stomach or as a mid-morning snack in between breakfast and lunch for optimal health, energy and weight loss.  (more…)

Omarosa Is Married!

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Omarosa is married! She and Pastor John Allen Newman exchanged vows at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. today.  (more…)

Mel B Calls it Quit After 10 Years of Marriage

Mel BThis surprise announcement was not so much of a surprise though I hate to hear Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B has filed paperwork to divorce her husband Stephen Belafonte after 10-years of marriage.  (more…)

Colin Kaepernick Responds to Trump’s Off-Colored Remarks in True Kaepernick Style

Colin KaepernickFree agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t say much in response to the current president’s off-colored remarks during his campaign rally in Kentucky last night. Instead, he kept it simple and classy by reposting a controversial image of him kneeling during the National Anthem.   (more…)