Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas

Mr. opinionated as some would call, Peter Thomas of RHOA has been embroiled in a Twitter beef with fans of the hit Bravo show.  

Some seem to think he’s too controlling and shouldn’t try to “pick” his wife, Cynthia Bailey’s friends, i.e. Nene Leakes.

If you recall on last week’s episode, Nene claimed to have been “blindsided” by Cynthia, but she’s never made it clear to the public on what exactly happened.

Now Peter is making it known that he too is unclear saying,


Peter went on to say he’s simply helping his wife wean-out bad people and recognize b/s.

Peter Thomas Tweet

And lastly, Peter said the final straw was when Nene went on WWHL and suggested Cynthia be fired after the reunion show.

Peter Thomas's Tweet

Even though a lot had transpired between Nene and Cynthia at that point, most of the mudslinging came from Nene.

Peter is right to voice his opinion, especially where his wife is concerned.  What husband wouldn’t?

And, of all the things Nene has said or done pertaining to Cynthia, trying to get her fired was the ultimate low!  It takes a wicked person to do such a thing, and unfortunately for Nene, who apparently loaned them money for their wedding, will never get it because everything is about money with her.

Just because you loan or give someone money, doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them, and that’s what Nene Leakes fails to realize.


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