"My face when I think about how good God's been to me."
“My face when I think about how good God’s been to me.”

It’s count down time for RHOA star, Phaedra Parks.  The attorney has just two more days before she either sits for a court ordered deposition or face the wrath of a judge.

Radar Online reported, Phaedra sued former friend Angela Stanton in 2012 over allegations made in her book, “Lies of a Real Housewife” where she claimed it was Phaedra that oversaw a “criminal enterprise” resulting in everyone doing time but her.  That enterprise allegedly included Angela Stanton, Apollo Nida and his close friend Everett all of whom served 3-5 years in Federal prison for auto title fraud.

Stanton’s attorneys have tried since November 2013 to get Phaedra to divulge exactly what she knows about the case; however, she has allegedly done everything within her power to avoid being deposed.

On February 24th of this year Stanton’s attorney, James Radford filed motion for a summary verdict accusing Phaedra of showing a “refusal to participate in good faith in the discovery process.”

Apparently that argument was compelling enough because a judge agreed that Parks’ deposition is a “necessary step” in the case, issuing an order on June 19 for her to set a date for a deposition by July 4, and be deposed by August 3rd.

Law pundits say this places Parks in a precarious position because lying to a Federal prosecutor could be just enough to send her to prison.  If she doesn’t lie and is found liable she will face heavy sanctions in the form of attorneys fees due to what Stanton’s attorney believes to be “frivolous litigation.”

Phaedra posted the above picture with the caption, “My face when I think about how good God’s been to me” to her Instagram about four-weeks ago.

It really seems like she underestimated Ms. Stanton and must now realize she should have never allowed her ego to come into play.  Now a small problem has definitely become a real one.