Phaedra at Stanton deposition
Phaedra Parks @ Angela Stanton’s deposition February 2014

Well word on the street is RHOA star, Phaedra Parks will be taking a leave of absence from the hit show season 7.

That’s understandable considering everything Mrs. Nida is facing.  First, her husband, Apollo Nida has been sentenced to 8 years in Federal prison and ordered to pay back almost two-million in restitution.  Second, she’s being forced to sit for a deposition in the Angela Stanton case by the end of this month which most say will be a no-win for her. Third, she’s the mother of two young boys who that alone would be a handful for any normal person under the circumstances.

And on top of that, Apollo was allegedly overheard speaking to Kenya Moore during filming for the upcoming season 7 of the RHOA.  Apparently he apologized to Kenya and admitted to lying about the entire incident that occurred over the past two seasons between he and Kenya.

After he admitted this to his wife she allegedly went ballistic and that is what allegedly led to her decision to take a leave of absence.  Can you imagine having to face Kenya after all the talking she did during reunion 6?

Phaedra is no doubt a very strong woman but everyone has a breaking point.  Seems like them ‘chickens are finally coming home to roost’ for this sister.

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