Kim Kardashian WestFrom what it appears, momager Kris Jenner must have skipped her payment to the Daily Mail UK since editor at large Piers Morgan seems to have launched an all-out attack on Kim Kardashian and the family he once lauded and couldn’t get enough of.

In a slew of negative headlines, I counted five today alone, Morgan published one scathing article after another but one which condemned the entire family for the very thing his most prudent readers have criticized and complained about for years. That is, the negative impact they’ve had on society and young girls in particular.

He writes:

But it would seem that once she’s hooked her young fans into THAT image of nice, decent purity, she then urges them on her social media sites to spend big money on stuff actively promoting a very different lifestyle.

It’s hugely profitable, and hugely cynical.

For a while, I enjoyed the Kardashian ride; I interviewed Kim and her sister Kourtney for CNN in 2011 and they seemed nice girls who worked hard and were doing no real harm to anyone. Their overly pious critics seemed to miss the point – which was that there wasn’t really any point to them. They were just having fun.

As a result, I’d defend them vigorously against those who said they represented everything repellent about the fickle, artless world of Z-list reality television.

Then it all started to turn a bit darker and my sympathies went south too.

Nice girl Kim married bad boy rapper Kanye West and began posting profanely captioned nude photos of herself flipping the bird. By doing so, she crossed a line from harmless fun to something altogether more crass and unpleasant.

Particularly when she claimed it was being done as part of some kind of stand for ‘feminism and liberating empowerment for women’.

What absurd, disingenuous horses**t!

I’m not a prude and I couldn’t care less what people like Kim Kardashian want to expose of themselves in private, if they do so legally.


This almost reads as though he blames Kanye for corrupting her but we know better.

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