The Los Angeles police officer involved in the release of the battered Rihanna photo has officially gotten the axe!

New York Daily News is reporting, an evidence photo taken by former Los Angeles police officer, Rebecca Reyes ended up on celebrity website TMZ.

Reyes denies releasing the photo to TMZ; instead, saying she took a picture of the photo to show other officers and acquaintances.

She insists, ex-girlfriend-Blanco Lopez,  also a Los Angeles police officer is responsible.

Lopez, however told investigators she called the celebrity news site only to verify details of the attack that Reyes shared with her.

After reviewing the record, Superior Court Judge Luis A. Lavin found substantial evidence supported the belief that Reyes “participated in the release of the photography showing Ms. Fenty’s injuries to TMZ.”  Thus, the ruling, issued by, Judge Lavin agreed with the decisions made by a disciplinary panel, and Police Chief Charlie Beck to fire Reyes in 2012.

She got exactly what she deserved! This kind of stuff happens often…only difference this time officer Reyes got caught!

The release of that photo was wrong on so many levels, and hopefully this verdict will lead to an easy payday for Rihanna-who’s rights were clearly violated.

Photo courtesy of Instagram-badgalriri.

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