Preachers of DetroitPreachers of Detroit Episode 3 again provoked much-needed discussion regarding the church and its role in the community.  I can’t say enough about Pastor David Bullock.  He is the true voice of reason even though his approach may be a bit abrasive at times its factual and we should all respect the truth.

Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston seems to have traded street-hustling for pulpit-hustling.  I’ve never gotten a more disingenuous vibe from any of the preachers.

He and wife Robyn’s nonsensical analogy using Steve Urkel from ‘Family Matters’ saying, Bullock doesn’t have any street cred and therefore won’t be relatable to people in the hood is just ridiculous.

He and Pastor Mo went to the streets and showed them how it’s done.

Evangelist Clark and the Shelby women are equally ridiculous in their antiquated interpretation of the bible.

To just say a man is the head and should lead simply because he’s a man isn’t enough.  There’s a whole lot of qualifying needed to make such assertions.

Sure, women and men have different roles in the home, but in the Western world that doesn’t deny equal rights to women outside the home.

Let’s hope none of these women end up marrying a fool.

BTW, who knew the right to vote had been stripped from citizens of Detroit?  Wow!

Preachers of Detroit Episode 3

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