Preachers of LA Season 2, Episode 13
Preachers of LA Season 2, Episode 13

Preachers of L.A. Season 2, Episode 13 opened with Bishop Noel and Loretta discussing the “Preach L.A.” prayer meeting.  She said Bishop Ron Gibson’s comments were very offensive and hurtful and that she had no words for him going forward.  Noel assured her as usual he will take care of things with Ron saying, “Just let me handle it.  I will not allow anyone to diminish your value.”

Yeah, because he does a fine job of that himself, right?

Bishop McClendon is expanding to Atlanta.  His recently engaged daughter lives there so he and his son plan to meet with the couple while in town.

Myesha meets her brother Keyshawn at the studio to record a song together.  She’s conflicted because she sings inspirational music which is quite different from the secular music he sings.  Pastor Chaney encourages her to give it a try.

Bishop Gibson and Lavette meet for lunch and discuss the Preach L.A. meeting.  He expresses his concerns over working beside Bishop Jones because of the nature of his relationship with Loretta.  Lavette encourages him to let it go and take what Bishop Jones and Loretta said to heart-there is no sexual relationship.

I understand Bishop Gibson’s convictions to defend the Gospel but he’s too self-righteous and you have to wonder why.  No one’s perfect and only God should judge!  Of course he has every right to not associate himself with someone like Bishop Jones but his public condemnation of Loretta was hard to watch.  Even though he said, “I don’t condone your behavior, I don’t condemn you either.”  Yet, that’s exactly what he was doing.  And, to make things worse; he seemed to have more condemnation for Loretta than the Bishop.

Loretta was so pitiful at the meeting.  She’s clearly broken and spoke of how much it hurt her to be torn down in the media and to read the public scrutiny of her relationship with the Bishop without knowing all the facts.  Jones sat stoically and had the nerve to say, “I gained a new affinity that I never felt before for Loretta in terms of protection.  When I heard Loretta cry, I just wanted to grab her and pick her up.”

So, I wonder what stopped him?

Quite frankly, Loretta should be crying more about the footage than the public scrutiny because deep-down everyone knows when they are being played and week after week she see’s what she’s living play-out on TV for the world to see.

Deitrick seems totally disgusted by the church community with all its judgment and says Ron Gibson is doing all this in the name of religion and defending the faith but that’s hurting people in the process and that can’t be God.  I’d have to agree with that 100%!

Next week, Deitrick Haddon talks about taking his music mainstream which explains his behavior this season.

Preachers of L.A. Season 2, Episode 13

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