Wendy, Big Kevin & Lil Kevin
Wendy, Big Kevin & Lil Kevin

The Wendy Williams show may be on hiatus, but that didn’t stop the Talk Show Queen from sharing a few photos.

The Hunter family were all smiles as they enjoyed some fun-in-the-sun (place unknown).  She will probably share the location upon her return, April 14th.

Ironically, the night before Wendy’s last day of taping, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada released an angry Twitter rant insinuating the talk show diva’s husband, Kevin Hunter made a purchase in her now defunct Miami store, ‘Dulce’ for another woman.

Well as I said before, Wendy doesn’t usually engage in Twitter beef’s so as expected-she was mum on the subject.

Fast forward to today, Wendy posted these photos of a seemingly happy Hunter family to her Instagram.  Could that be a subtle message to Evelyn and all the naysayers?  I’d say!

Wendy-“Loving vacation but can’t wait to reunite with all of you! Xox                                  #i’monaboat #lol #vacation #paradise”

Wendy, who made a smooth transition from radio to TV says, “I have personality and I’m not afraid to use it.”  The ‘Queen of All Media’ reflects on the career highs and lows on her way to the top in Centric’s, “Being Wendy Williams.”

In case you missed it, click here:  “Being Wendy Williams”

It’s definitely worth watching.

In the special, Wendy was forthcoming, and for the first time, changed my opinion on who she is.

As a child, she was tortured by her parents unapologetic, relentless pursuit at keeping her weight under-control.  That coupled with growing up in a predominately white community (being 1 of 4 blacks in her graduating class) left Wendy feeling like an outsider.  At home, she felt different by being the only overweight person in the house, and at school she felt awkward and isolated from her white classmates.

After high school, Wendy knew exactly what she wanted to pursue.  From a young age, she was on a quest to make something of herself, and would overcome her emotional issues with perpetual work.  She would later turn to drugs to help cope with the stressors of life.

But above all, it was her hard-work that paid-off as she quickly rose to prominence.

Her husband, ‘Big Kev’ was from the other side of the tracks.  They met at an event Wendy was hosting and he asked her out.  She didn’t expect things to go anywhere, but they did and he became her rock.  Together they made great strides in the world of radio.

Rumors begin to swirl of infidelity to which Wendy would later confirm saying, “My husband cheated on me and I forgave him,” on an episode of the “Wendy Williams Show.”

A show that is now one of the top-rated talk shows on television, but as we all know-being number one comes at a price.

The outspoken host routinely talks about the pitfalls of celebrity as it pertains to everyone ‘else’, and has no real friends in the world of entertainment.  Wendy’s loyalties lie with her fans who love ‘Hot Topics’ and she doesn’t mind giving them what they want.

But can she continue thriving without her trusting husband who also works as an Executive Producer on the show?  I doubt it!

Know why?

Everyone needs someone.  I suspect her husband in many ways is the calming force needed to remind her, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”  He’s her ally, but does that make him a perfect husband?  Probably not!

Hopefully, what Evelyn tweeted was just conjecture and the images we see truly reflect a happy family.

The wounds of her childhood run so deep, it would be difficult for her to trust again-in a vulnerable way.  Without the reassurances her husband undoubtedly provides-the pressures of being ‘Wendy Williams’ would be a heavy burden to bear.

When it’s all said and done, Wendy is human like everyone else.  And in a world of “Don’t dish what you can’t take;” to survive, you have to take as well as you give.


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