R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 11
R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 11

R & B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 11 was hosted by talk show host, Wendy Williams so you know tack was spared.

All of the ladies dressed to impress with Monifah getting my vote for most-transformed.

The conversation started with the theme song.  Wendy asked Angie and KeKe why they weren’t on the song and they said they were not asked.

Latavia said she didn’t like how she was edited.  Wendy said, “The show is called R & B Divas” implying you should have expected to sing.  She talked about her depression, substance abuse and departure from Destiny’s Child.

Monifah denied being the bridezilla KeKe accused her of being.

Things got a little tense when Wendy asked Latavia about a rumor she’d slept with Faith Evans ex-husband Todd Russaw.  She denied the rumors saying he was her good friend and manager.  But in true-Wendy fashion-she pressed on causing her to give a bit of attitude while saying, “I just said no!  Listen if it ain’t about the season or Divas or 702; I won’t answer and keep going into it.”

She Skyped in Funky Dineva for comedic insults which was so unnecessary.

Wendy asked the ladies about the difficulty working with kids.  They all said it was extremely difficult but they press on.

The most interesting part came at the end of Part 1 when Angie was confronted about the shady tour deal.

She tried her best to explain how booking the tour was above-board but wasn’t prepared for Sylena and her manager’s rebuttal.  In the end, Angie just wasn’t smart enough to concoct an explanation that would repair her image.

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