R & B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 7
R & B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 7

R & B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 7 asked can the ‘real’ Angie Stone please stand-up.

Its clear now who was hired to be the antagonist but it’s a tad bit disconcerting coming from the elder of the group.

Angie has all along touted herself as a leader who strives to set good examples for the ladies; however, for whatever reason or amount of money things have shifted and now her character has come into question.

I don’t see the point in pushing Latavia to do something she’s not ready for and unless Angie is getting some sick enjoyment out of humiliating the young lady she needs to really be concerned with her own set and career.

Sylena advised Monifah her sister presented a European tour option for her and Angie.  Angie turned it down saying it wasn’t enough money for the amount of work.  Months later Sylena sees online Angie not only booked the tour but used the same agent that offered her the deal.

I’m hoping this is all some misunderstanding because I can’t see her being that foul.

During rehearsal,  Angie was her normal mother-hen self doing her sisterhood/unity spiel but this time Monifah and Sylena were equipped with information and found it very difficult to sit through her b/s.

Neither found the courage to confront Angie directly as she acted completely oblivious to everything so I guess the blow-up will come later.

Keke Wyatt had an album Listening party and was extremely nervous about performing new music for the packed crowd.

The crowd grew more and more impatient as Keke tried to talk her way through the nervousness but when she opened her mouth to sing the audience including the Divas were mesmerized.

The song, “You” has a country/western sound which is new for Wyatt but boy did she nail it.  I loved it instantly!  She should have no problem booking shows off that record alone.

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