Patti LaBelleThese animal rights protesters will soon have it where no female celebrity will stop for a photo-op with fans. Legendary singer, Patti LaBelle was the latest celebrity to feel the wrath of the anti-fur campaign.  

Patti LaBelle

TMZ is reporting:

Patti LaBelle got a taste of what Kylie Jenner and Kelly Rowland experienced when anti-fur protesters pulled a photo-op sneak attack on her.

Patti was signing copies of ‘Desserts LaBelle’ at a Barnes & Noble Tuesday in NYC. The protesters tucked in close with her, posing as fans who wanted a pic — then suddenly whipped their signs and started chanting, “Patti LaBelle has blood on her hands!”

It’s similar to what happened to Kelly in in New Jersey earlier this month, and to Kylie last weekend in Las Vegas.

The protesters were eventually kicked out by B&N security.

Patti, I’m sure is grateful for the added publicity this protest has garnered for her book, ‘Desserts LaBelle.’

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Video courtesy of TMZ.