LudacrisJust when I thought things were amicable between Luda and baby-mother, Tamika Fuller, TMZ is reporting otherwise.

Ludacris has allegedly filed for full-custody of two month old daughter, Cai Bella Bridges.  And get this, not only does he want full-custody-he’s requesting child support as well!  Tamika, a waitress at Magic City Strip Club in Atlanta, was initially asking the judge for 15K a month in child support; however, that amount was significantly reduced to $2,750.  In addition, he must provide health insurance, child care up to $1,700 a month, and start a college tuition fund.

The rapper stated in legal docs he’s a “fit and capable parent” and asked that his relationship with 12 year old daughter be used as an example of that. This move is certainly controversial because typically in Georgia, the parents are awarded joint legal custody which means both parents will participate in decision-making regarding the child.  Ultimately, one parent is usually awarded final decision making; however, unless he can prove the mother is unfit-it is rare that custody is awarded to the father.

Perhaps Luda is drawing inspiration from fellow Georgian, Usher Raymond who was involved in a bitter custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Raymond.  In a shocking verdict last year, Usher was awarded primary custody of their two sons.

Luda has been dating long-time girlfriend Eudoxie since 2009.  I guess its safe-to-say she’s standing by her man through all of this.  Read more: