R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 10
R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 10


R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 10 found the ladies headed to Hawaii after their successful “One Night Only” show.

When the ladies arrive in Hawaii it’s raining but that didn’t ruin the mood.  They are all turnt-up for the the wedding and vacation ahead.

Terez and Monifah began the tour of the facility.  Monifah is surprised to see Terez become emotional as they review the details.

The ladies are individually taking in the island.

Angie and Ashanti go kayaking and the conversation turns to marriage.  Ashanti sticks to, “when the time is right it will happen;” however, Angie clearly isn’t happy with that.

Sylena and Angie take their men for a surf lesson; however, Sylena’s husband chose to watch.

All the ladies meet up at the bar later and Keke asks Latavia about being a diva.  The conversation gets heated but eventually Latavia silenced everyone with her rendition of “It’s a New Day.”

Keke then turns the conversation on Angie and the tour she scheduled behind Sylena’s back.  She asked how is it you don’t know what’s going on with your career when you sleep with your manager?

I agree with Keke, sounds like a cop-out to me.

Angie decides to remover herself but she’s stopped by her manager/boyfriend Ashanti who goes over to Keke to clear the air.  Things immediately become hostile between he and Keke.

Sylena intervenes saying we’ve already cleared this up and after a few more words things calmed down.

The next day is the wedding.

Monifah and Terez are both in black.  They exchange vows in a beautiful outdoor setting and their love was felt by all.

Keke was the only Diva asked to sing at the reception performing her beautiful new single, “Lie Under You.”

Everyone (except Angie’s man) including her husband, Michael Jamal were holding back their tears as she sang the perfect song for the occasion.

Angie caught the bouquet and Ashanti didn’t seem too happy.

All-in-all beautiful ending to a drama-filled season.

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