R & B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 7
R & B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 8

R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 8 opened with Angie and her manager/boyfriend discussing the controversial tour booking.  As far as Angie’s concerned business is business.

That may be true, but you can’t on one-hand say we’re sisters and I got your back no matter what then stab your sister in the back and say this is business.  That is absolutely fake and hypocritical.

Angie claimed her manager/boyfriends booked the tour which she had no prior knowledge of since she leaves that up to him.  She said she was not aware of the circumstances until after Ashanti informed her Sylena may be a little salty.

Yeah, when all else fails blame the manager.

Angie doesn’t appear to be the type of woman that allows her manager to completely make decisions without her.  In fact, I bet he has to get her approval before he can confirm anything.

Her explanation was not enough for me and I was surprised by how well Sylena accepted it.  Hopefully she’s learned not to trust Angie and business again though.

Monifah asked Angie why she hadn’t said anything about her upcoming wedding.  Angie said she hadn’t received an invite and couldn’t talk about it until she was officially invited.  Her response was acceptable to Monifah who then extended the invitation.

Sylena accompanied Monifah for her dress fitting and asked about her extending the invite to Angie.  She explained her position saying she doesn’t hate Angie but wanted to clear the air. She felt Angie’s explanation regarding the tour was acceptable which made her feel comfortable enough to invite her to the wedding.

The girls take a pole dancing class.  Some had more skills than others but all-and-all appeared to be a lot of fun.

Keke and Sylena threw a Bachelorette party for Monifah and there was enough raunchiness to go around for all.  From strippers setting their ass on fire to Keke and another guest exchanging words to Latavia and Meelah becoming offended by Angie’s use of the word ‘Newbie’ it seems these women are incapable of coming together without drama.

Next week is the LA show.  From the previews there will be lots more drama and since the rehearsals didn’t go well, hopefully they will all put their professional hats on in the name of show business.

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