R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 9
R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 9

R&B Divas Atlanta, Season 3, Episode 9 found the ladies in LA for the big “One Night Only” show.

Sylena and Keke did some bonding while enjoying the weather.

When the ladies arrived for rehearsals they realize the band was not the acoustic set expected.

Latavia was a no-show at the first rehearsal and everything is a bit chaotic.  Angie wants the ladies to focus on the “Sister” song she wrote but no one knew the words after a week.

Keke gets upset with Angie because as usual; Angie tried to pressure her to do something she wasn’t comfortable doing.

Sylena and Keke talk and she expresses concern about attending Monifah’s wedding.  She doesn’t want to do or say the wrong thing to cause tension on her big day.

Monifah confronted her about her fears and the two friends had an emotional moment and all is well.

Sylena met with an A&R Executive from Motown.  Several labels are interested in her but she ended up signing with the Astronauts.  Good choice.  Her new music is good.

The Divas of LA sans Kelly Price all showed up to support the ladies.  There were problems with the sound system to the point Sylena had to use the MF word on stage before they got it together.

Latavia sang a few words and sound just fine.  Hopefully, that was enough to help her overcome her fear of singing live.

The ladies all showcased their gifts beautifully and “Sisters” came together without a hitch.

Next week is the Hawaiian wedding.

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