RHOP Episode 9
RHOP Episode 9

Real Housewives of Potomac Episode 9 ended rather peculiar.  It’s starting to seem like every BRAVO series has to have at least one implied, DL husband and this time it happens to be little Miss Ashley’s. 

I always felt, life would eventually humble her but didn’t expect it to come in this way.

Karen’s empty nest syndrome is so relatable.  She and Ray seem to have done a wonderful job with both children.  I’m sure, I too will be boohooing when that time comes.

Charrisse Jordan is just a pillar of strength!  She’s learned how to smile through the pain given her husband of eighteen-years was not present for her 50th birthday bash.

The party went-off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves; especially, Charrisse who took the mic and rapped a verse much to her guests surprise.

She seemed totally unbothered by her husband’s absence and thanked him for footing the $80,000 tab for the soiree.  I wonder if that was payback?

Gizelle is so cute with her girls.  She talked to them about the possibility of dating and they were very encouraging.  Considering their ages, that was surprising.

Usually kids want nothing more than to have their parents reunite so I’m wondering what transpired for them to have this level of understanding.

Robyn and her ex-husband are the cutest.  Hopefully they can work-out their issues.

At Charrisse’s party, Ashley’s husband arbitrarily squeezed Andrew’s (Katie’s boyfriend) butt on the dance floor.  That incident coupled with Gizelle’s comments regarding him mysteriously showing up at the gay bar during the all-girls weekend, and him entertaining the idea of being with a group of women makes me wonder.  Not to mention him admiring the gentlemen’s size as she approached him.

Ashley definitely became defensive after they informed her and so did Katie.  Hopefully, this is all the result of creative editing for her sake.

I hate to hear Black people question whether someone’s “black” enough; however, seeing this conservation play-out between Gizelle, Robyn and Katie was very realistic.

Katie’s point, “You don’t come straight from Africa looking like this,” was valid but she does seem out-of-touch culturally.

Biracial is defined as: concerning or containing members of two racial groups.  In America, that term is usually used when a person has parents of different race.

Gizelle and perhaps Robyn seem annoyed by those who try to deny their heritage as most “biracial” people tend to identify most with their mother’s heritage.  And so, considering Katie and Ashley’s moms are Black; it does seem odd that they are not more in tune with this way of thinking, right or wrong.

It is a fact, most Blacks in America are mixed with something and it’s more than obvious both Gizelle and Robyn have European blood lines.  They must know and understand this so I really don’t think they were offended by Katie’s “biracial” remark but more letting her know they identify proudly as a “Black” women.

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