Designer Reco Chapple says Black celebrities should support Black designers and calls out several attendees at this past week’s BET Awards.

Reco ChappleChapple makes valid points, however, I wish his delivery were more professional.

One point was Black women wearing designer Michael Costello who according to him is rumored to have used racial slurs in the past. Hadn’t heard but if true, he’s 100% right about an outright shun from the community.

Another point, he repeatedly called out Black celebrities rocking Gucci and other high-end labels but later mentioned not caring about being blacklist for speaking-out because he already has enough support by those outside the community to remain okay.

If that’s the case, should White designers protest White designers who rock his wears?

Anyway, I think we should make an effort to support each other when possible. That shouldn’t infringe upon a person’s prerogative to choose a designer of his or her choice. Image is everything in Hollywood, so if a particular brand fits better or is simply preferred, one shouldn’t be criticized for that.

It does appear that Black male celebrities are more inclined to support Black designers so maybe this is something for Black women to give serious thought to.

Black designers deserve the same respect as others so it’s worth noting many talented designers who won’t survive without the support of their own so kudos to Reco Chapple for bringing this worthwhile discussion forward.

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