Well, in case there wasn’t enough drama on last nights episode of RHOA, your girl, Nene Leakes and Marlo Hampton decided to continue on twitter.

Take a look at this messy-exchange between Nene and former-bff Marlo.

Nene: “There’s rules 2 friendship,”

Marlo:@NeNeLeakes >and you have yet to play by any… ???? #youhavetobeaREALfriend #tohaveaFriend

Nene takes a dig, referring to Marlo as “Manlow” and the gloves come-off.

Nene: “I was a true loyal friend!  I supported Manlow when Bravo said “she’s not our brand”  none of the housewives wanted her around, none!

Marlo: @neneleakes, Manlow? that’s laughable coming from someone that has on Donald Trumps hairpiece and Mr. Ed the talking horses fake teeth.”

Nene: I will never have anything 2 do wit Manlow or Krayonce again in life! NEVER

Marlo: Funny how Donald Trump called me last night to settle this off-camera. Mad b/c your Bridemaid left you boo?

And, proceeded to post a screenshot of Nene’s missed-call at 9:49 pm last night.  Wow!

Nene, I guess you now know why; “none of the housewives wanted her around.”  You sought refuge in Marlo two seasons past when no one else on the show was really feeling you.  Now Kenya finds herself in a similar space.  That gamble backfired on you and will probably backfire on Kenya as well, but somehow, somewhere, I bet Sheree is getting a good-laugh.  Oh well, such is life!