RHOA Husbands RevealedLast night BRAVO premiered the first ever behind the scenes chat-fest with the husbands on RHOA, Husbands Revealed.

The men were pretty candid speaking about their relationships and experiences on the show.

I must say, Greg Leakes, husband to Nene Leakes, comes across very corny on camera but Iike I said in a previous post, he’s about the money and willing to do whatever it takes to keep things afloat.

In many ways, that’s admirable.  You want a partner who understands what’s at stake and willing to support you to no end.  That takes a lot of maturity and selflessness so I commend Greg for that.  

However, I wonder how much is for lifestyle or love and still suspect the marriage will end when and if the money stops rolling.

As for now, it appears Nene has exactly what’s needed in her life-a partner she can trust and one who is willing to take a backseat to her needs for the betterment of the family.

Todd Tucker appears to be a good fit for Kandi Burruss. They both bring substance to the table and will complement each other in love and business.  It takes a lot of patience to deal with a woman who has been successful as long as Kandi has.  

Todd seems very calm and that will be an asset to Kandi who has so many irons in the fire.

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey also complement each other well.  Peter is highly-opinionated and aggressive and Cynthia is the opposite of that.  She’s classy and level headed so the combination provides balance on both sides.  

Candor is the one-thing I appreciate most about Peter which happens to be what he’s often criticized for.  

To give someone an honest opinion requires tremendous courage and that’s love.  I’d much rather that than someone who tells me how wonderful I am when I’m anything but.  

You can’t grow from insincerity.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks seem to have the most troubled relationship for more reasons than one.  I remember my grandmother use to say, “You want to marry someone that comes from a similar background” and for some reason, that rings true with Apollo and Phaedra.  They couldn’t be more dissimilar.  

I suspect their relationship is predicated on good sex and not much more.  

Overall, the men provided a walk down memory lane and an hour of good entertainment.

Watch Episode Here