The RHOA Mexi-loco trip continued with Phaedra walking in on her husband, Apollo speaking with her nemesis-Kenya Moore.  While Kenya claimed to be clearing the air, she totally disrespected Apollo’s wife by initiating what she knew would become an inflammatory conversation.

What’s worse is the display of disrespect Apollo showed wife, Phaedra!  One important fact to remember is the timing of this trip.  Ironically, this was filmed about a week after the feds swooped down on Apollo and seized his laptop. This laptop is alleged to have had more than a thousand pieces of damning evidence including copies of fake driver’s licenses and other information of stolen identities that have been used in the case against him.

An arrest warrant was later issued on January 21, 2014 resulting from the seized laptop where the feds allege the companies Apollo set-up existed for a purpose other than the apparent business purpose implied by the entity name.  Thus the charges levied against him are: embezzlement, theft and conversion of public money, aggravated identity theft, bank fraud and conspiracy.Now with all that looming, I’m thinking this is the real reason Phaedra wanted to take Dwight along on the Mexico trip instead of her husband (in the episode two weeks ago), and probably why the tension between Phaedra and Apollo could be cut with a knife.

Of course they didn’t know the charges at that point, but I have to give them an A for posturing.

The next day, Apollo attempts to make-up with Phaedra by giving her what he calls a rose (really a lilly) while she sat at breakfast studying for an exam.  They talked and seemingly made-up.  Apollo asked what she wanted to do for her upcoming  birthday (the following week) and she said she didn’t know.

Kenya and Miss Lawrence are laying out on the beach when along comes Cynthia and Peter.  Kenya compliments Cynthia’s weight loss.  Peter replies, “46 and beautiful.” Then proceeded to tell Miss Lawrence, “You look beautiful.”

Was anyone else weirded-out by that? That’s not the first time I’ve noticed Peter’s odd-behavior around a gay man.

Miss Lawrence says, “Let me just say this, Kenya and Apollo have Angelina and Brad Pitts chemistry.”  Everyone erupts in laughter.  Peter suggests to Kenya she needs to clear things up with Phaedra, and let her know she doesn’t want to f-ck her husband.

Kenya lets Peter know she’s an attractive woman and can find dick anywhere, saying “I have 99 problems and a dick ain’t one.”

Apollo planned a surprise party equipped with a piñata and cake.  Phaedra is blindfold and escorted into the party.  Everyone yells, “surprise!”

Phaedra takes a crack at the piñata to no avail.  Porsha gives it a try, and out comes a sea of condoms.  Everyone looked on in disgust, wondering why a married man would give his wife condoms.

Greg grabs a bunch and put them in his pocket while Nene is heard saying, “Give them to me honey.”  Maybe they were for her son, who knows.

Later, everyone gathered for their last night in paradise.

Kenya continued to play her role and quickly got the drama started.  She has bing bags for everyone to sit on and walked out with a bowl.  She announces, “This is a redo of Couples Night,” and asks each person to pull a question.

Porsha goes first. Her question was, “Do you like wild sex or romantic sex?”  She says she likes wild sex and mentions older guys like slow sex. Her answer offends Nene who replied, “Older men want to have sex everyday and all that’s a myth.” 

Sounds like Porsha’s answer hit too close to home!

Nene’s question is, “Name something about a couple that annoys you?”  She said she’s annoyed by ignorance.  She must be annoyed with herself.  She tells Porsha she needs to educate herself.  She brings up a question Kandi asked a few week’s prior-if she still had a period?  Nene says it was an ignorant question.  Obviously showing her sensitivity to growing older.  Todd chimes in and tells Nene her delivery was inappropriate-she refuses to accept his criticism.

Miss Lawrence question is, “What do you define as cheating?”  He said he doesn’t consider one night stands cheating and believes every man has the tendency to cheat.

He then poses the question to Phaedra and Apollo.  Apollo once again says something stupid!  Stating, “If you cheat use a condom.”  Crickets.

Peter tells him that’s stupid!

Apollo continues showing his ignorance.  I swear, he has the logic of a five year old.  Kenya comes to his defense saying, “But I don’t think that’s what he’s saying.”

Kenya dismisses the men so that the women can have some bonding time saying, “I don’t want to take anything back to Atlanta.”

She starts with Nene and asked, “What’s going on with you and Marlo?”  Nene quickly let her know that she would not be talking about Marlo.

Meanwhile, the men are talking in another nearby room.  Peter asks Apollo what happened the other night with he and his wife?

Kenya asks Phaedra why did she leave the room the other night when she was talking to her husband?

Phaedra replies, “I’ve asked you to not speak with my husband when I’m not around and you continue to disrespect that.”  “Stop trying to chat with my husband because we don’t won’t to be your friend.”  Kenya replied, “That’s not what your husband said!”

This is just ridiculous on so many levels!!!

Meanwhile Greg and Peter are near blows in the other room as Greg expressed his issue with Peter confronting his wife at the masquerade ball.

Huh, didn’t Nene confront Peter?

Porsha tries to defend Phaedra and the concept of matrimony.  Kenya unleashes on her and accuses her of being Kordel’s beard.  The exchange turns very ugly.  Porsha denies the accusation.

Greg and Peter have to be separated by Todd-then the ladies hear the commotion and run to see what’s happening.

Phaedra tells Kenya she doesn’t want to walk into a room and see her talking to her husband again.

Nene walks into the men’s room and asks, “Who’s fighting?”  Peter tells Cynthia why he and Greg are arguing.  Nene once again gets in Peter’s face and says, “You need to stay out of women’s business and stop trying to be a damn bitch!”

Nene calls Peter a bitch!
Nene calls Peter a bitch!

Peter says, “That was inappropriate.”  The end.

Let me say this, if a woman is man enough to get in a man’s face-whatever happens after that is on her. 

Nene is notorious for clowning Peter!  She approached Peter at the masquerade ball then accused him of getting in her face.  She’s lucky he didn’t stoop to her level and call her a few names or two. 

If anyone acted like a bitch it’s her husband Greg, whom she emasculates on every episode.  He looked like an old-fool trying to defend his wrong-as-hell wife. 

These two, I tell you!