Last nights episode of the RHOA was pretty uneventful to say the least.

We got to see Porsha’s vocal ability front and center and overall, it was just okay.

Rehearsals started for Kandi’s play.  Porsha seemed unfocused and distracted so it was probably too soon for her to take on a project like that.  Previews for the next episode appear to show her asleep when called to stage so I guess time will tell.

Kandi tried to politely let her know she needed to get her sh*t together, but she became defensive saying, “No, your team needs to get me the schedule on time.” After making a call to Lauren, her assistant (half-sister), they realized it was Lauren that missed the attachment in the email and not Kandi’s team. Priceless!

Last week’s preview left us all wondering what all the crying was about with Kenya.  Well turns-out, her little doggie, Velvet died.  She apparently let her out in the backyard and she climbed through the fence and the neighbor’s dog maimed her.  When Kenya heard Velvet yell, she walked out and found her inside the dog’s mouth.  She immediately took her to the hospital, but she died in the car before they arrived.

Needless to say, she was devastated by this.  Her dear Aunt came over and offered some words of wisdom, saying this all happened for a reason and maybe the reason is to make room for the baby you are hoping for.  That seemed to console her.  Next week she will have a memorial service for Velvet.

She invited Kandi and Cynthia out to lunch to break the news, and when asked if she wanted them to let any of the other ladies know, she politely said, “No, I just want friends there.”

We got to see Nene wear her many hats this episode.  In true Diva fashion, Nene met with her manager and discussed her impending clothing line with HSN.  She seemed enthusiastic as she in true-Nene-fashion, reminded us ‘when one door closes another one opens.’

Indeed it does.

She posted some of her sketches on Instagram a few months ago to mixed reviews.  Most seemed to think it was nothing new.  I did like the cobalt poncho modeled so hopefully she will have a strong enough line to out-sell ‘She, by Sheree’.  I’m sure that’s at the forefront of her “temple.”

Anyway, I wish her luck with that!  Clothing lines are never as easy as they appear; especially, when you’re hands on.

Cynthia and Peter discuss the state of ‘Bar One’.  I must say, Peter gets a lot of flack, and perhaps-rightfully so, but in some ways I understand him.  Most men would rather avoid sharing bad news if they know it’s going to fall on nagging, over-reactive ears.  That’s how he see’s his wife.  He’d rather deal with the problems on his own that deal with the problems and his wife.

I think he tries really hard, though not always successful-he does try.  That may not be a good fit for Cynthia, but I’m really starting to like them as a couple.

Anyway, Peter lets her know everything is in the banks hands and he’s hopeful things will work out but has no way of knowing for certain.  Much to Cynthia’s dismay, she accepted it for now and asked that he let her know what’s going on ‘sooner rather that later’, if you know what I mean.

Mama Joyce dropped by the Rialto Theater during rehearsals.  Todd is on the phone with his mom who expressed concern about his relationship with soon-to-be-mother-in law.  When mama Joyce surfaced, Todd walk-over to greet her and the conversation started.

I thought he expressed his intent well and handled her castigation maturely.  She said, “It’s not that I stop liking you, I stop respecting you.”  (Huh, I think that’s worse).  Todd goes on to explain why he quit his job with Bravo-because staff aren’t allowed to date cast members.  I find it hard to believe Kandi hadn’t shared that with her dubious mom before then, but oh wells.

Todd confronts Joyce.
Todd confronts Joyce.

Kandi arranged for a family counselor to meet with her and Joyce at her home.  The session wasn’t too intense, but the counselor was able to pose a few thought-provoking questions to both ladies which seemed to have impact.

Mama Joyce even shed a tear as she tried to explain Kandi’s poor choice in men is rooted in her absentee-father and death of her brother at the age of 22.

She also attributed her over-protectiveness to the loss of her son.  The counselor suggested another session, and both agreed.

Mama Joyce session with family counselor.
Mama Joyce session with family counselor. watch

Next week in the season finale we will see Nene going to hospital for blood clots in lungs, Phaedra graduates, Kandi’s play premieres and Velvet’s memorial service.