RHOA Season 6 finale
RHOA Season 6 finale

RHOA Season Finale started with Kandi and Todd discussing his reluctance in signing the pre-nup.

Kandi said, she would have a problem if things didn’t work-out between them, and she’d have to share what she earned prior to their marriage.  Todd said he understood, but just wants things to be fair.

Kenya had a memorial for her beloved dog, Velvet.  She was extremely emotional during the service saying she wasn’t ready to let her go.  Cynthia and her dog attended the service, as well as Kenya’s aunt and a friend.

Kandi was a no-show.

Phaedra’s son Ayden and Apollo presented her with a cake for her graduation from mortuary school. They discussed her plans to which she said she’s interested in opening a crematory.  I hate to be negative, but I don’t know why this story came to mind when she said that.  Let’s just hope she keeps things on the ‘straight and narrow’.

Porsha’s family came over to hear the details surrounding her divorce.  She seemed relieved to put it all behind her.  The divorce proceedings were expedited once she decided she didn’t want to fight for Kordell’s money.  She just asked that he cover her medical bills and so it was.

Her mother reminded her it was time she took-off her wedding ring.  She said, “I told myself when he filed, you are not going to break me.”  She removed the ring, placed it in a wine glass and the celebration began.

Cynthia decided to cheer Peter up with some love and affection.  When he arrived home to rose-petals and a beautiful wife in lingerie-things quickly led him to the bedroom.  I guess we can use our imaginations for the rest.

Kandi’s stage play, ‘A Mothers Love’ sold-out five nights.  Mama Joyce sat with her boyfriend Benny and Kandi’s father was there also.


Everyone appeared anxious and nervous backstage.  Todd’s contribution appeared limited to asking everyone how this and that worked even though Kandi herself said they couldn’t have pulled it-off without him.

I guess we shouldn’t expect her to say anything-less, right?

Kandi was excited to learn Tyler Perry was in attendance.  Wonder if they have plans to work together?  This is kind of how he got his start.

All of the housewives were there except Nene.  Kenya showed up in her Bentley and sat with her aunt away from the other ladies.  Phaedra, Apollo (who dozed off before the curtains were raised) and Cynthia sat together.

Kenya’s aunt says Porsha is doing very well and Kenya agreed.

Edie Levert asked Mama Joyce if she were anything like the mother in the play?  Funny

After the show, Kandi asked her mom how she felt about the play and she said she loved it!  She realized it was inspired by their relationship, and told Kandi she would support her decision going forward.

Todd’s mom was very supportive and presented Kandi with roses.

Kandi’s dad offered words of encouragement saying he supports her and can see the love she and Todd share.

The show was well received and featured some heavyweights including: Eddie Levert (The O’Jay’s), Shirley Murdock, D. Woods (Danity Kane), and Q. Parker (112).

You can purchase a copy of the stage play here: A Mother’s Love

Porsha did an amazing job and seemed perfectly cast for the role. The audience gave them a standing ovation so all in all, Kandi wins again!

Nene went to the hospital for blood clots in her lungs, and survived.

The previews for next week’s reunion are explosive.

Kenya showed up with a scepter and megaphone, and it definitely appears the attack Porsha bestowed was provoked.

Former Bff’s, Cynthia and Nene will go at it. ‘Bar One’ is still in limbo.

Phaedra will not be representing Apollo in fraud case and plans to open a crematorium in Athens.

This was a great season for the Atlanta Housewives.  Bravo has already announced a Season 7; however, with whom is yet to be determined.