RHOA Season 6 Cast
RHOA Season 6 Cast

The girls sat down with Andy Cohen in the Georgian Ballroom for the RHOA Season 6 Reunion taping.

There were lots of nasty comments made on both sides of the couch.

I’m on the fence with the Porsha Kenya fight.  On one-hand, Porsha was provoked, but that didn’t give her the right to strike Kenya.  

They all knew what they signed up for.  Obviously, Porsha wasn’t mature enough to handle this level of drama. 

I think worse was said to Phaedra and she didn’t jump up and strike.  

One can say Porsha provoked Kenya with the comments early on about Kenya’s fake African Prince.

Reports of Nene and Phaedra goading Porsha before taping seemed obvious, but poor Porsha allowed her emotions to get the best of her while the vets sat back and watched.

The props should not have been allowed so Bravo/Andy share responsibility in all of this.

Two things learned from the Reunion Part 1:

  • Kenya has learned, never underestimate the weakest-link.  
  • Porsha didn’t do herself any favors.  Now she has a record and probably lost her job so was it really worth it?