Okay, I’m going to assume that you’ll saw Part 2 of the RHOA Reunion and just give my thoughts.

Kenya was absolutely right in saying, “We’re adults, we’re women and should be able to control ourselves.  We fight with our words….I’m one of the best at it.  If you feel you can’t defend yourself with words after you tell lies then you don’t need to be sitting here.”

This is true!  All of the women knew what they signed up for.  Unfortunately Porsha doesn’t have the wherewithal to handle it.  As I’ve said before, she needs to go and not just because of the attack, but rather lack of all-around life experience.

Nene is so ignorant! Her saying Porsha was provoked and it is a violation to point anything in my face may be true in a normal, real-life setting but this is a TV show where the women are encouraged to bring drama.  Hello!

That’s why Andy Cohen allowed the props.

Though I think Kenya went too far, in her mind, I’m sure she thought it was just entertainment.

Andy tried to school Nene saying, “Violence is never an appropriate response,” but unfortunately NaNa couldn’t comprehend that.

Mama Joyce is an absolute embarrassment!  Not sure if the woman was intoxicated on booze or the cameras, but she needs to find a rock to crawl under fast!

How embarrassing must it be to hear your mother repeatedly give praise to the almighty dollar.  She is so obsessed with money it consumes her!  And to say, “If strippers made the kind of money back then that they do now I would have been swinging from a pole too instead of working for a pie company ten hours a day,” is just so sad.

There are so many options for young women to improve their standard of living and swinging from a stripper pole shouldn’t be one.  Her own daughter has worked hard to establish herself as a successful businesswoman, isn’t that example enough?

This woman is a disgrace!

I just hope Kandi’s daughter doesn’t see this because making a lot of money does not justify immoral behavior.

Cynthia has a sweet spirit!  I hope she finds the strength to fully walk-away from Nene. She has kept things classy in a way NaNa just doesn’t know.  Let her continue posting her nastiness to social media further exposing her true hateful ways.

She really doesn’t get it, friendship that is.  You have to be a minion to survive in Nene’s world and given her past, for the life of me; I can’t figure out why she isn’t more humble.