Season 6 Reunion Part 3
Season 6 Reunion Part 3

RHOA Season 6, Reunion Part 3 brought more of the same mess only this time, Nene Leakes clearly crossed the line and drew blood.

Kenya took a lot of tongue lashing tonight and most would probably agree that she brought it on herself.  It should be noted; however, she remained in her seat and took her insults like the ‘paid talent’ she is.

Kandi confronted Nene about comments she made on her blog about her mother, Mama Joyce.  She felt it was disrespectful of Nene to address Mama Joyce’s behavior in her blog.  This is one of those things I guess you have to experience first-hand to understand because Kandi should have anticipated Nene’s and anyone else who watched this season ridicule of her mother.  It was an absolute embarrassment!  But, what I don’t get in Part 2, Mama Joyce didn’t seem to take issue with Nene’s comments but felt the need to confront Cynthia on something a lot less offensive.  Go figure!

Phaedra, your disdain for Kenya Moore is well-understood; however, you took it too far with all the fertility/infertility jabs.  Two wrongs don’t make right so you might be shaking hands with karma soon.

Apollo Nida there’s a cell-block in America getting ready for you!  The disrespect you displayed towards your wife is regrettable.  You are reckless, and unremorseful so as you said, let’s just see how things play-out.

Kandi and Cynthia both conducted themselves like ladies tonight so nothing to say here.

Peter, you should continue voicing your opinions and as you say, “I ain’t got no problem with that.”

Nene you may not have any gay friends after tonight.  Andy called you out for all of the ‘Queen’ references this season and yes, you gave a half-hearted apology, but to ask your boss when pressed, “What do you want me to do-pull down your pants and kiss your ass?”  I think he needs to show you what He’s Going to do!

Well, the rumors are swirling about the return of Sheree Whitfield next season.  I must say it will be a welcomed return for me.  As for the rest of the cast, my predictions are:

  • Phaedra-Gone
  • Porsha-Gone
  • Kandi-Back
  • Cynthia-Back
  • Kenya-Back
  • Nene Leakes like Jill Zarin (RHONY) needs a time-out and won’t be returning to RHOA next season.