RHOA Season 7 Episode 6(click to play)
RHOA Season 7 Episode 6 (click to play)

RHOA Season 7 Episode 6 should be subtitled “Delusions of Grandeur” because Nene Leakes can do no wrong, and this time her delusions rendered her poor husband Greg speechless.   

Where, how does she pull-off this victim stuff?

She became so emotional during the confrontation with Cynthia she had to excuse herself from the table only to return, and seemingly gesture towards burying the hatchet, but went home to Greg saying she’s not sure if she can let Cynthia back in.


Nene is dangerous!  She never takes ownership for her stuff, and has always been one to dish out what she could never take.

Cynthia, on the other hand went home to Peter upbeat telling him she and Nene made-up.

Peter was right to get pissed!  He reminded his gullible wife of the foul things Nene had done and said, “If you become friends with her without addressing things the right way you will look like a punk!”

And, indeed she does!

One thing to say about Peter, Love him!  He kept things 100 with Cynthia.  She quickly forgave because she’s a genuinely sweet person.

Kandi Burruss is another one tipping the delusional scale.  It’s so easy for her to excuse the actions of Mama Joyce, but quick to defend her when people point out her wrong doings.

Yes, the truth hurts, and no one wants to hear people speak negatively about their parent, but come on, Mama Joyce has gotten way too many passes.

She was so disrespectful towards Ms. Sharon at dinner.  The woman was right to demand an apology from Mama Joyce, but Kandi acted like she was being unreasonable.

Kenya and Claudia attended a cooking class together.  Who knew Kenya was a foodie?  She was so cute lusting over the food during class.

Derek J is being accused of stealing a clients hair extensions so he hired Phaedra to represent him.

The case does appear frivolous, but even so; you’d have to wonder why anyone would consider hiring Phaedra after the Sheree debacle.

Phaedra looks good though!

Cynthia walked in her friend, Kithe Brewster’s show during New York Fashion Week.  Kithe is the same designer who did her wedding gown.

She was a bit intimidated by the younger, smaller models saying, “In Atlanta, I’m considered skinny,” after Kithe informed her of her enormous buttocks.  I didn’t like her hair during the show, but in the end, things worked-out.

It was nice to see both Peter and Leon there supporting her.

RHOA Season 7 Episode 6

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