RHOA Season 7 Episode 8(click to play)
RHOA Season 7 Episode 8(click to play)

RHOA Season 7 Episode 8 should be titled bow down to Nene which is a shame.  

Phaedra met her mom for lunch.  She expressed she’d be relieved and less stressed once Apollo is incarcerated.

Kandi closed on the home purchased for Mama Joyce.

I was very disappointed with her this episode.  She really showed her immaturity by repeating what Mama Sharon said in anger to her mother and aunts.  Like Todd said, how was that going to help.

She truly is the nucleus to the problems in the family but again, maybe this is all just for TV drama.

Phaedra continued to show resilience and strength while caring for her boys in the midst of an absentee father.

Nene arranged a meeting with Cynthia, Porsha and Kenya.

Cynthia, tried her best to make up with Nene who continued disrespecting her over and over again.  I’ve lost all respect for Cynthia this episode.  She fails to realize Nene is a bully, and backing down is not the answer.  It only serves to empower her more so she would have done better not meeting her at all.

Kenya tried to help by chiming in with what needed to be said, but Cynthia became bothered by her input as though she felt it was interfering with their reconciliation.

I’m all for apologizing when wrong, but Nene is never wrong and never held accountable.  Her antics are always excused with, “I’m a grown ass woman” or “I keep it real” nonsense.

Porsha has certainly found courage this season and become a lot more vocal.  Good for her, I think.

Kenya finally apologized for her role in the reunion debacle and she and Porsha hugged things out.

RHOA Season 7 Episode 8

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