RHOA Season 7 Reunion Part 3
RHOA Season 7 Reunion Part 3

RHOA Season 7 Reunion Part 3 or shall I say, Nene’s breakthrough was quite emotional.  Her saying she felt misunderstood is probably more accurate than not primarily because she didn’t fully understand the effects of her afflictions. 

Greg’s analogy, “Flaws are like headlights; you can only see the ones in front of you,” applies to Nene more than anyone so that leaves me to wonder if he’s been able to have a truthful conversation with his wife.

Her fixing her nose, to her teeth, to her boobs to laser skin treatments all signs of someone suffering from abandonment issues.

The constant quest to fill the void of not having a loving parent is daunting.  Her saying, “I had a mother who gave me away and her father who won’t claim me,” was powerful indeed and subconsciously; that’s her daily struggle.  She never felt quite good-enough, and always steadfast in her mission to prove herself in spite of.

Kenya was right, she and Nene have more in common than not so hopefully she will continue therapy and free herself of this deep-rooted pain.

Everyone on that couch has a story.

Nene wants hers to validate or explain her behavior which tonight’s breakthrough certainly did explain a lot, but she will need to find compassion for others and take an honest look at her past behavior as well.

Kudos to the ladies; especially, Cynthia for stepping up to comfort her friend.  That showed the goodness and true nature of her heart.  She’s always a class act.

Cynthia Bailey

And I truly hope Kandi doesn’t get any backlash for her reluctance to comfort.  She seemed unsure and tired of the shenanigans to me.

I truly hope next season offers a continuation of healing.  Exposing one’s insecurities is always difficult, yet teaches us to know our own strength.

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