RHOA Season 8 Episode 13
RHOA Season 8 Episode 13

RHOA Season 8 Episode 13 brought the drama to the island of Jamaica where Cynthia’s indecision created turmoil and her husband Peter poured on the hospitality. 

This episode was so chalk-filled, I’m not sure where to begin.  Sheree showed up with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield.  I guess the two of them decided to put their differences aside for the BRAVO check.

So lame!

Kandi and Todd are awaiting the arrival of their son and stayed in Atlanta.

Now, on to the drama starting with Kenya who as Vivica A. Fox said best, “toxic chic” is overdue for therapy.

Even though Kenya brought along her handsome trainer, her ugliness reared its head in Jamaica.

She and Nene are similar in that they both have an everyone’s out to get me complex, but the way she addressed the situation that Cynthia mishandled was completely appalling and Kim should have excused herself much sooner.

Cynthia’s backbone was so limp I’m disgusted.  Sure, that was a difficult conversation to have with Kenya but it should have happened in Atlanta once the decision to hire Kim was made.

Kim, who has the patience of Job demonstrated great restraint while Cynthia sat and watched the mess she created unfold.

But the person with the biggest plate of crow goes to none other than Nene Leakes whose awkward return was nothing short of awkward for everyone including Cynthia who indeed played herself by welcoming her with open arms.

No doubt, Nene came to her senses real quick after walking away from that BRAVO check; realizing nothing on set was as bad as her days on the stripper pole.  In fact, she probably realized it’s actually the most easiest money she’s ever made.

One thing I did agree with Kenya on was her assessment of Cynthia.  Nene stopped at nothing to destroy Cynthia even went on WWHL with Andy Cohen and said Cynthia should be fired (can’t get much lower than that) and now she has the audacity to say her friendship with Nene was real and Kenya’s is still evolving.

What a fool!!!!!  At this point, Cynthia deserves whatever Nene throws her way.

Next week the drama continues with accusations surrounding Kim’s husband sexuality.

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